Lent is just around the corner. As we begin the Easter period we've been thinking of how to make it a significant season in our lives.

Wow Easter is early this year! If you're anything like us it's creeped up and you're scouring the supermarket aisles for that last bit of chocolate before next Wednesday. However, maybe there's a different way to do Lent this year - and just maybe it doesn't mean giving up Dairy Milk?!

You may have noticed over the last number of years there's been a definite shift in attitudes approaching lent. What used to be known as the period to fast and give something up for 40 days, has increasingly become a time to take up something new. These tend to be positive behavioural changes such as being more generous and undertaking random acts of kindness. We know many (including ourselves) have found this to be a far greater challenge than simply giving up chocolate and have learnt a lot more about Jesus' character this way.

If this takes your fancy we'd love to point you in the direction of our fab friends at 40 Acts. Here you will find all the encouragement and ideas you need to make this a memorable, blessed and without doubt a challenging Lent.

However, maybe you are checking into your facebook/instagram/snapchat more than you're checking in with God. It's scary how easily these can become our source of identity and acceptance, idols even. If this is the case then taking a break over Lent would be no bad thing to reset ourselves around God.

Whatever you do during this Lent period remember the focus is on Jesus. Do spend time reflecting on His indescribable sacrifice dying on that cross, in taking all of our sins upon himself and ultimately changing the course of history. We're sure that out of this place Easter will be a truly significant season in your life.

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