Our theme for this year tells us not to stop praying – so we won’t! We have however come to the conclusion that this year we will be praying with out tents!

In the current situation we must recognise that
it will not be possible to hold the Festival in anything like a fashion that resembles our ‘normal’ Summer Madness.

We will continue to monitor things closely to review whether a ‘non-residential / day event might be an option but we will not be able to assess that realistically until just after Easter.

We barely have words to discribe how we feel about the situation – but we thinkt that PETE GRIEG put it’s really well here….
However….. you can be sure that we are doing everything we can to create some sort of ‘in person’ event or events before the end of the season.

So now PRAYER IS next years as well !  Let’s keep at it and before long we will meet again!
Every blessing
JK and SM team