At this year’s Summer Madness, we’re giving away £20,000!

Let us explain…

Throughout the history of our festival, God has sparked something in young people that leads them to go and bring transformation and change to their local communities. Many lives and areas have experienced the love and renewal of Jesus through your acts of Kingdom kindness.

Our prayer is for that movement of mission to continue.

So, at this year’s festival, we’re partnering with our good friends at Cinnamon Network to help youth groups return home and start community projects to bless others.

We’re aware that projects and initiatives cost money and this is where the £20K comes in.

At this year’s festival, your youth group will have the chance to present your community project ideas to Cinnamon Network and pitch your dream for your area. We’re hoping to give 10 successful youth groups £2000 each to get your ideas up and running.


To arrange a chat with Tommy at Summer Madness please register your interest by going to:


To connect with Cinnamon Network at the festival:

Look out for ‘Tommy’ at Summer Madness.

Check out the ‘Church Around the Corner’ Seminar – Monday 3.15pm at Seminar 2

Text 07803010508 to meet with Tommy.


Get thinking! Get dreaming! Get scheming!

You gotta be in it to win it!


Find out more about Cinnamon Network by visiting their website. You can also discover projects that Cinnamon have supported in the past: Cinnamon Network.

Cinnamon Network help up to 500 churches annually development develop community projects. Could your church be next?