Take the pain out of Christmas shopping this year and give something back with some ideas from our ethical gift guide:

1.) A Madlug Backpack: £30

Forward  planning is essential at Christmas time, for example, how are you going to carry home all the excellent gifts you receive? You'll need a bag for that. Don't worry though we've got all your luggage needs covered with bags from Madlug. Madlug is luggage with a purpose. It was founded on the idea that children in care deserve the dignity of being able to carry their possessions in an actual bag rather than a bin bag. For every bag you buy from Madlug, one is given to a child in care, so that they can carry their lives in dignity.



2.) An OutsideIn (Oi) sweatshirt: £32.95

Who said ethical clothing can't be fashionable? ... Probably no one but it certainly wont be said after they see the stuff Oi is selling. Oi is a social justice business geared towards helping the homeless. Similarly to Madlug, Oi was founded on the idea of wear one, share one, but with a difference…You can choose for Oi to donate the other product to a homeless person for you, or, you can choose to go out and give it to someone ‘sleeping rough’ yourself. The idea is to both practically help homeless people but to also lift the social stigma surrounding the problem. (With the jumper, the share item is a washbag).



3.) Traidcraft, Mens or Womens “Box of Socks”: £24.95

Have you ever heard the expression cliches are cliches for a reason? Well socks are the ultimate gift cliche and with good reason, you can’t go too far wrong giving someone socks. Especially these socks. Brought to you by Traidcraft, made by ‘Thought’, this ethical footwear is made from a mix of organic cotton and sustainably-grown breathable bamboo, meaning that they keep your toes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They’re deliciously silky soft, and even naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so they’re looking after your feet while you’re looking after the earth.



4.) A scented candle from the Bearded candle makers : £12.50

What’s better in the cold dark winter months than the aroma from a nice scented candle to filling your home? With these responsibly sourced and ethical candles from the bearded candlemakers, you can now smell all the most loved scents from across Ireland. Including scents such as; “A real turf fire”, “Irish gorse wind” and “Embroidered dreams”, the candles are made locally and unlike some other soy candles, are guaranteed not to damage the rainforest.



5.) Toms Slippers :£41.99 - £44.99

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a pair of slippers to keep your feet warm as you sit around the christmas tree eating quality street getting annoyed at your family for being terrible at charades. Now you can buy them without any guilt, safe in the knowledge that your purchase has also provided shoes for a child in need. Toms practically pioneered the one for one movement and they are still going strong in 2017, now producing over ⅓ of its products in the region that it gives them to.

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