Confirmed speakers and worship leaders

We're delighted that Anne Calver, Mike Pilavachi (MBE!) and Esther Swaffield will be speaking at our Mainstage gatherings this year.


Anne Calver

Anne Calver is Associate Minister at Stanmore Baptist Church. She is passionate about seeing people meet Jesus and released to grow into all their potential in Him. She has co-authored 3 books; 12 Disciples, Stumbling Blocks and Gamechangers – and hopes one day to write one on her own! Anne is married to Gavin and has two miracle children: Amelie and Daniel. She loves spending time with her family, running, and digging deep into God’s Word.

Mike Pilavachi

Mike is the Senior Pastor of the Soul Survivor Watford Church, based in North Watford, which he and worship leader Matt Redman established in 1993. A former accountant, he became a youth worker in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire, at St Andrew's C of E church. He has written several books and led the Soul Survivor festivals across it's 26 year history impacting hundreds of thousands of young people in the UK and beyond. Mike has joined us at Summer Madness on a number of occasions and his fresh Biblical insights and authentic, Spirit filled messages have always profoundly touched us all. We can't wait to have him back over in 2020 and renew old friendships as he shares his thoughts on freedom in Christ.


Esther Swaffield-Bray

Esther is the England  Director for the International Justice Mission (IJM).  IJM is the world’s largest anti-slavery organisation, partnering with governments and local authorities across the world to rescue children and families from oppression.

Esther is a regular speaker on issues of justice and freedom, and is passionate about the role we all have to play in setting captives free around the world. She is married to Tom, and they live in the beautiful North East of England, where she pretends to surf more than she actually does.