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What is Summer Madness?

Summer Madness is a conference aimed at young people, as such everyone under 18 needs to be accompanied by a leader. It is the leader who takes direct responsibility for the young person, however, we ensure the environment is fun, exciting and safe for all involved. We have a large volunteer team of over 200 people serving in different areas including Prayer Ministry, Welcome Team and Security ensuring all requirements are met. You may find answers to some of your questions in the leaders downloads above, however don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the contact details below

Email: Phone: 02890 673 379

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A Typical Day of Madness

If you find yourself asking the question, ‘What does a day in the life of Summer Madness’ look like well here’s the answer…


Emerge from your tent well rested and ready for the day. While you make use of the hot showers available in sub camp your group leader will prepare a nutritious breakfast to help fuel your day (If you follow your nose though you might make your way to the Christian Aid tent and treat yourself to a bacon buttie).


Head to the Big Top with your group for the morning session starting with worship at 10am. This is followed by a mainstage talk from one of our guest speakers with the option of prayer ministry afterwards. If Big Top isn’t for you then head to the YFC venue for a more informal hang out space.


After the morning session you can check out the exhibition area and chat to our mission and partner agencies from across Ireland and the world. This is open all afternoon until the evening session as well if you miss them now.


It’s important to fuel up again before a busy afternoon of seminars and activities. You can either do this over your leaders mini-stove back in the sub camp or make use of one of our mobile food vendors. Either way, this is also an excellent time to talk with your group about the morning session and what you felt God was saying to you through it (Ps our food vendors are lovely folk who are open to group discounts if you book in advance).


The afternoon is yours to do with as you please. We have over 100 hours of seminar and activities on offer. Seminars to pick from include Preparing for Uni, Dance Workshops, Mental Health, Mission Opportunities, Peace and Reconciliation and so much more. And we have a wealth of activities to choose from including canoeing, sailing, football, dodgeball, slip ‘n’ slide and ultimate Frisbee. And if you’re just looking somewhere to chill there’s a couple of venues with a coffee and couch combo. At some point over the festival you will have to make sure you check out the hidden gem of Glenarm that is the Walled Garden.


As the afternoon fades away gather your group back together for dinner and hear what everyone got up to in the afternoon. Don’t worry if you missed a seminar or two – they’re all recorded and available to buy at the end of the conference for £10.


Head back to the Big Top or YFC venue for our evening session starting at 7pm.


As the Big Top empties our evening venues fill up. Here, you can enjoy a variety of live music or grab a coffee and a chat with your mates.


The venues go to bed for the night and so do you! Because it all starts again tomorrow morning bright and early. Our roving security team stay up during the night so give them a smile and a hug when you see them in the morning.