Imagine thousands of Christians across the island of Ireland on one day sharing the story of Christ with those closest to them.

What if that happened this Saturday?

We wanted to get in touch with you, the Summer Madness family, to let you know about Global Outreach Day. We’ve found ourselves dreaming about the possibilities of a very simple idea.

What if this Saturday, each of us shared our faith with one person each? What could happen as we step beyond fear and courageously share our story with our friends, families, neighbours and colleagues?

On Saturday, we will be joining with millions of Christians around the world as we see the diverse body of Christ from across denominations, across traditions and across backgrounds, scattering throughout their local communities to share how Christ has changed our lives.

You can find out more about Global Outreach Day on our website:

Watch the Vision Film.

Be A Part Of It

The best thing about Global Outreach Day is that everyone gets to play. Your story is worth sharing and we want to equip you with confidence as you share it.

To be involved, here’s all you need to do:

Visit our website to register your Church, youth group, or even yourself. By signing up, we’ll be able to build a picture of what’s happening across Ireland.

Before you share your story, you can gather with your friends, small group or youth group to work through our four training sessions. Through a series of short films and a workbook, you can explore the God Story, the value of your story and what it looks like to become a storyteller. Our EQUIP resources are completely free and can be used in various settings.
Check out the EQUIP Trailer.

All we ask is that you make the most of this significant opportunity to share your story with one person each on May 27th. Will you join us as we see lives transformed?

On Saturday, you can also post your story online. Why not download the image below and change your cover photo on Facebook and post your faith story for your friends to see?

Christ has sent and empowered us to reveal His story. All that’s required is for us to take small steps marked by boldness and faith.

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