SM17 | Fatted Calf Meal Deal

June 14, 2017By adminNews

At this year’s festival, the Fatted Calf Meal Deal is back!

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday evenings, we’re offering youth groups the chance to eat in the Glenarm Estate tea room and save youth leaders having to cook a meal for a night!

Global Outreach Day

May 25, 2017By adminNews

Imagine thousands of Christians across the island of Ireland on one day sharing the story of Christ with those closest to them.

The Summer Madness Journey | Gift Idea

December 8, 2016By adminNews

As 2016 draws to a close, we’re already getting excited about next year’s Summer Madness! It’s going to be a special one, as we celebrate 30 years of the festival. To mark the Summer Madness journey, we asked local artist, Tanya Mai Johnston to captured the story of the festival in a fun poster print … Read More

New Year’s Resolve

January 8, 2016By adminNews

Well, we’re nearly half way through January and we thought we’d check how your New Year’s Resolutions are coming along…or not?