3rd–7th July 2015

Summer Madness is a festival that brings together young people and groups from across the island of Ireland and from every background, for a chance to celebrate, connect and explore the significance of faith in their culture and community.

We are looking forward to another year in the beautiful Glenarm Estate and can't wait to see you there too!

Or, if you have are beginning to think that you might be getting a bit too old for Summer Madness (if that's ever possible!) visit C A T A L Y S T if you would prefer to hang out with the other 20/30 somethings…

WorshipCentral Day at Summer Madness

Join us for the day on Monday 30th June. Tim and Ryan will tell you more...

You can join us for just £15 for the whole day on Monday 30th June. Book now.

Events, Jobs & Useful Links

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